photo by James Goulden (
Clockwise from left: Gazz Carr, John Coman, Conor Garry, Laura Smyth (taken in 2009 during recording of the album Lost Trails)

Live line-up(2011):
Gazz Carr - Guitar, Vocals
John Coman - Drums
Conor Garry/Shane Murphy - Bass
Aine McGrath - Keys
Fanj - Guitar

"The Butterfly Explosion are a band from Ireland that blend powerful spiraling music with delicate vocals to form rich soundscapes of beautiful melodies, gliding between moments of ethereal dreampop and explosive sonic bliss."

The debut album ‘Lost Trails’ was released digitally March 2010 on Revive Records and to various international stores throughout the year.

'Closer', the first single, had already received extensive airplay from Ireland's leading alternative music shows such as Paul McLoone(TodayFM) and Dan Hegarty(2FM) who described the track as "My Bloody Valentine meets M83 meets Sigur Ros in Heaven". Within a couple of weeks of the album release, more tracks such as 'Chemistry', 'Insulate Dreams', 'Sophia' and 'Tracing Stars' began to stir interest in the USA and with the album entering an increasing number of stations' Top 30 playlists, 'Lost Trails' broke into the CMJ 200 college radio charts, rising to #121 after one month. This jump in exposure was also reflected on Last.FM where they charted at #5 in the hyped artists chart the week after the album's release.

Formed by guitarist/vocalist Gazz Carr, Butterfly Explosion had previosuly released two critically acclaimed EPs before recording began on the debut album late 2008 with producer Torsten Kinsella (God Is An Astronaut). Their epic live shows have seen them be championed by many as one of the most promising bands to emerge from Ireland in recent years. When UK webzine Drowned In Sound had a series of articles in 2009 dedicated to the revival and diverse influence of the early 90s shoegaze scene, Butterfly Explosion were amongst the international artists highlighted as ones to watch.

2010 will see the band embark on a number of tours from the UK(Feb), USA(March), Ireland(April) and mainland Europe (May), including festival appearances at SXSW in Austin, Liverpool Sound City and Electric Picnic in Ireland.


"If I could describe this album in one word, it would be none other than Majestic."
#1 in albums of the year -

#1 in albums of the year -

"If you miss the shoegaze era of the '90s, this album will be your time machine"
#3 in albums of the year -

#3 in albums of the year -

Top 3 albums of the year-

Top 10 albums of the year -

#11 in albums of the year -

#12 in albums of the year -

#14 in albums of the year - Shoegazer Alive

albums of the year - The Blog That Celebrates Itself

albums of the year -

albums of the year -

albums of the year -

"The Butterfly Explosion have a truly epic sound and the sheer magnitude of ‘Lost Trails’ is astonishing."
5/5 -

"Lost Trails, the Butterfly Explosion’s full length debut, feels like a dream from which you never want to wake"
- 5/5

"What comes out of this seemingly simple arrangement is something to behold.”

“Listen to ” Sophia ” or ” Chemistry ” or ” Automatic ” or the entire album for that matter and give me a simply reason as to why we shouldn’t brag about these sounds.” 5/5 -

"Lost Trails is truly breathtaking, a refreshingly unique exercise in sound that needs to be heard to be believed."
5/5 - NSR CD reviews

“this type of music has a beating heart with a beautiful sound structure”
4/5 - Forge Press (University of Sheffield, UK)

"Butterfly Explosion may have missed the boat by some 20 years in the alternative rock scene, but songs like these are utterly timeless. There’s 9 years and 9 months of music to come this decade and if anything can top Lost Trails, we could have a new golden age."
5/5 - (the Newcastle University paper, UK)

Album of the Week -

“With the Silversun Pickups whetting the alternative crowd's appetite, these guys might actually find a niche in America”
- The Village Voice (NYC)

“this is the sort of disc that you are going to want to listen to from start-to-finish.”
- Brooklyn Rocks blog (NYC)

“their own ruggedly beautiful dream pop twist on the shoegazing aesthetic of the 90s.”
- The Alternate Side (NYC)

“they are set apart from many of their modern-day contemporaries by their tendency to push a song into overdrive and make the already amazing just stunning…they are quite simply outstanding.”
favouriteson blog (Newcastle, UK)

"Ride. Slowdive. Lush. Swervedriver. They all added to the fuzzed out, rock 'n' roll glory of shoegaze greats My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus And Mary Chain. Now Ireland's Butterfly Exposion are about to take their place amongst the elite with their debut album, Lost Trails"
- Inde Music Examiner

"having been graced with Lost Trails the latest from Butterfly Explosion, I can attest to the fact that an explosion of butterflies is something that can be described and experienced....warm and fuzzy, the dust settling after the airburst, the flames dying down amidst the cocoons left behind on the branches, waiting their turn and leaving us waiting for more."

“Lost Trails is full of vivid musical ideas presented with a shimmering refinement – a beautiful album”
- Great Yarmouth Advertiser (UK)

“This Dublin-based band is gaining fans all over the world for its innovative and hypnotizing sound.”

"fans of late eighties / early nineties shoegazing stuff will be instantly drawn into it."
4/5 -

"We won't forget Lost Trails in the end of year lists, because it is one of the most moving debuts of the recent times."
- Spanish review

"Lost Trails is one of those few albums that manages to capture your attention and sensitivity from beginning to end."
5/5 - (Portuguese)

"The album is for me one of the first genuine highlights of 2010"
- (German)

"Lost Trails is the best post-rock/shoegaze album of the year"
- (German)

“It’s absolutley brilliant” – Paul McLoone (TodayFM)

"It’s like My Bloody Valentine meets M83 meets Sigur Ros in Heaven". – Dan Hegarty (2FM)

"their releases just get better and better....little bits of the noisy sounds of slowdive, the wailing distorted guitars of my bloody valentine and even the slow building post rock of the likes of mogwai, lots of heavy swirling guitars, lush synths and thunderous but slow building drums"


"At SXSW, MOJO's marketing manager was blown back to her shoe-gazing days by this Dublin quintet"

- MOJO magazine

"The band were simply on fire. You can hear a million different influences intertwined and it can seem like Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine and M83 are all on stage at the same time ...a band on a mission to prove that they will become one of the greats of the current Irish music scene."


"I mentioned last week that Dublin’s Butterfly Explosion demonstrated some impressive growth between their first EP and their Turn The Sky release - well if their live show was any indication, their next release, whenever it comes, will be a quantum leap ahead and surely be something special."


"The touching and intense melodies that encompass Turn the Sky give it a certain grace - the tear-jerking moment that comes with the end of a three year tryst....The Butterfly Explosion - with the help of Turn the Sky - has the potential to be successful, and not just with numbers, but with influence."


"They are an awe-inspiring, breath-of-fresh-air, shoegazing, post-rocking band...I was wow wowed dozens of times while listening to these five songs and I can’t recommend “Turn the Sky” enough."


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